Kim Jacinto

Aaron Kim Jacinto is the perfectionist in the team. Maybe a man at war with himself when it comes to making great art? Humble and modest, Kim always believes that he can improve and that he did over the years. Kim is known for his Marvel work providing interiors for The Sentry and Angela: Queen of Hel. He's also worked on Unworthy Thor with Jason Aaron and Amazing Spider-Man with Nick Spencer. 

Kim may be the most requested artist to work on sequential art and covers in Next Comic Art. Currently, Kim is working on a creator-owned project that will be revealed soon. He's a very busy man but sometimes, he can put up a commission or two. 

He now resides in Baguio City, Philippines with his wife and son. 

Kim Jacinto Original Art Available at Next Comic Art

You can follow him @akimjacinto

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