Elmer Damaso

Other artists from the Philippines will say that Elmer Damaso is one of the kindest persons you'll ever meet! Elmer Damaso is best known for his work on the Robotch/Voltron Crossover from Dynamite Entertainment, Robotech Remix from Titan Comics, and Hero Factory from LEGO/DC.

Elmer's been working on comics since 2000 and he considers his work for Seven Seas Entertainment his lucky break into the US Market. His Manga Style is perfect for the fans who grew up watching all the cartoons with mechs! So when he got on board with the Robotech / Voltron crossover, it was surreal as he got to draw his favorite cartoons! It was hitting 2 birds with 1 stone! Apart from the mechs from Robotech /Macross and Voltron, Elmer loves Voltes V, Daimos, UFO Grendizer, and The Transformers. 

When not working on comics, he loves working on GUNPLA and playing games on his PC. You can follow Elmer on Instagram @elmerdamaso

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