Clarice Menguito more popularly known as “Saowee” is a freelance artist from the Philippines with a massive following online and she specializes in Manga-style art! Seriously, her stuff is amazing! 


It was in Free Comic Book Day 2016 that she got invited to be a guest and started drawing Western Characters. A fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Saowee started drawing the characters and slowly built her fanbase. There were some speed bumps in her career as there were certain independent companies that hired her but life happened and those projects didn’t materialize. That didn’t stop her from kicking butt though! It won’t be long now for her to break in the Western market! Akihiko Yoshida, Mutsumi Inomata, Pako, Kazue Kato, and Yonekaz are her favorite artists while she loves rewatching Ouran High School, Gekkan Shoujo, and a bit of Magi. 


You can follow Saowee on Instagram @saowee and on Facebook at


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