Jappy Agoncillo

A certified kid of the 90s, Jappy Agoncillo left behind a promising future in the corporate world and decided to pursue a career in art. He succeeded at that! Jappy is well known for his murals and has even worked with SHAKE SHACK! Yes, that burger brand. 


At NEXT COMIC ART, we aim to look for the next level talent in the art scene. These artists know how to create what art collectors want. Jappy fits in perfectly because being raised as a 90s kid in Manila, it was just full of Western and Eastern Pop Culture rolled into one! In short, he’s a fanboy and he knows his stuff. His talent is seen in the creation of these wonderful pieces that trigger nostalgia and wonder. The range of colors that he uses for his art is just so refreshing to see. Jappy thinks out of the box and we believe he’s a perfect fit to the roster! Jappy Agoncillo Original Art available at Next Comic Art


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