Welcome Elmer Santos and Luigi Teruel!

March 22, 2021

In line with our upcoming art drop this Friday and Saturday for #WonderConAtHome2021, we're excited to announce 2 new artists joinng the Next Comic Art family! Elmer Santos and Luigi Teruel!

What can we say? Elmers seem to like to join the team and we love Elmers! Elmer Santos can’t be called Elmer 3 so he said that he can be called Ellery! Popularly known for his coloring work for the art of Philip Tan, Stephen Segovia, and Carlo Pagulayan for both Marvel and DC, Ellery at the heart is a comic book artist. Yes, he does amazing colors but wait until you see his art! He has a couple dropping this weekend! His passion is still drawing and does he have the talent for it!  You can follow Elmer Santos on Instagram @ellery3173


One of the up and coming artists you should be talking about is this guy from the Philippines, Luigi Teruel. Currently an artist for Antarctic Press working on RAGS, Luigi brings in a unique style that fuses Western and Asian influences that will cater to a lot of comic art fans. Luigi can do it all. He can work traditionally and digitally. Heck, he even colors his own stuff if he wants to. A little bit of trivia, Luigi also happens to be the best man of one of the founding artists of Next Comic Art, Kim Jacinto! Watch out for Luigi! He's about to fly! You can follow Luigi on Instagram @luigitot_ and on Facebook at Luigi Teruel Art.


Don't forget that our BIGGEST drop yet will be this coming Friday and Saturday starting at 11am EST / 8am PST! Ellery and Luigi will be opening their commission spots as well so stay tuned!

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