Dexter Wee

Dexter Wee (artist) is a native of Zamboanga City in the Philippines. First introduced to comics by his father, specifically Superman, the medium became his passion. Drawing his first comic at age 9, Dexter has continued to hone his craft as a self-taught comic artist bringing depth and realism to the page. He's been drawing comics since 2007, including the graphic novels Swerve written by Jon Judy, AnaChronistic with Matthew McClean, Patriot-1 with Kevin Powers, Secrets and Shadows with Jon Parrish, as well as the anthology book Murky Depths, Image Comics'  Outlaw Territory Vol. 3 and Tales of the Starlight Drive-In. In 2017 Dexter and writer Neal Bailey completed the web comic Cura Te Ipsum that ran for 6 years.  Dexter’s work in The Führer and the Tramp with Sean McArdle received an Eisner Nomination in 2019.


Dexter's other completed projects in the last couple of years includes MegaCenturions with Jon Parrish for Scout Comics, a crime noir OGN with Anthony Fabro, The Verge for Red Comics,  Graven with Neal Bailey and Patriot-1: Conviction with Kevin Powers. 


His current projects as of 2024 include Wolves of Babylon with Sean McArdle, Black Suit of Death with Benjamin Kreger and Edward Ellsworth, The Ward with Michael Cornell Edwards, War Lion with Onrie Kompan, Fa Sheng: Origins for Immortal Studios and The Rook for Xion Studios. 


Dexter is also a sketch artist for Curious Creatives and Upper Deck.

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