Mark Torres

Gritty. Evocative. Unconventional! One can argue that it’s one of the art styles that’s been lacking in the roster. There’s this one artist in the Philippines who has been a “Lone Wolf” in the art world. His style is broody, dark, and beautifully emotional. He puts in a lot of punk-rock thought and creativity, blending his fascination for Eastern and Western culture and media, and orchestrating them into one-of-a-kind piece that collectors will love. 


Being in the business for over a decade, he’s worked with renowned writers like Tom Taylor and Rick Remender among others, and on globally-recognized brands as Judge Dredd, Fear Agent, Hellraiser, Zombies vs. Robots, and prominently, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. More importantly, he’s a legit creator, having co-created Cold Spots (Image) and Phantom on the Scan (Aftershock) with prolific writer Cullen Bunn. This artist is a “Lone Wolf” no more.


Mark Torres now runs with the Next Comic Art pack.


Mark’s stuff fills the void that the site has been lacking: thought-provoking, haunting, with a primal sensuality that invites people to not only view, but touch (yes, as he tends to employ an array of tools and approaches, the pieces can be tactile!)

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